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I grew up in a small mill-town in South Carolina. I never gave much thought to even a vacation in another country, much less living abroad. Yet, today I can say that I have lived in Asia and Europe for 21 years and have visited over 90 countries. I’ve had the honor and pleasure to meet and closely work with people all over the world, learning much from all of them and their cultures.

Throughout my HR Leadership career, I focused on what is best for people and ensured I understood the workings and needs of the business. I’ve been able to advise and support current leaders and to develop and guide leaders of the future. My fingerprints are on the careers of Executives, SVP’s, VP’s, and Managing Directors all over the world.

Leadership is not about what I’m called, but about what I’m called to do. I serve and support my team, ensuring they have the tools, materials, and information they need to be their absolute best. My team members are always smarter than me and better than me. That’s why so many of them get promoted and transferred to bigger and better roles.

My corporate career spanned nearly 40 years. I spent 30 years as a Global HR Leader with ADIDAS, where I gained tremendous experience and learning. Today, I am an Independent HR Advisor and a Certified Coach, Mentor, and Trainer. Let me use my experience to help you navigate your career and achieve your goals and aspirations.

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