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Leaders have always fascinated me, especially the accomplished and admired ones. Early in my business life, I heard this quote - "Leaders make us cross a bridge to a place we did not know was there before." I immediately started my journey, trying obsessively to be that leader. One that can win trust and respect from coworkers while inspiring and encouraging others to be at their best. Simultaneously envision the future and clean the road for other team members to pass through and shine. One that cares and shows compassion when others need it. And by failing on a few key moments, I learned the essential trait of real leaders, the ability to accept and learn from mistakes and humbly restart the journey. My mentors were vital in those moments, and now I want to help others to grow or reset their professional paths.

As a CMO, I have dedicated two decades helping large enterprises (Microsoft, HTC, NOKIA, PEPSICO) connect emotionally with their customers, creating winning platforms, campaigns and products, digitally transform their businesses, and above all – developing teams to be high-performers. Our Marketing teams have helped companies to unleash high growth in Technology and Telecom industries, add billions of dollars to their top lines, and I learned from experience the road to the top is not always easy or rewarding.

Enduring market and personal crises, leadership changes, the unexpected industry turns are the norms in corporate life. Those moments when I saw myself isolated with my values and principles, my team expecting sounding decisions, were the moments when I grew more personally and then professionally. They were not easy, and I would not have made it without support from the people I genuinely cared before, or advice from wise leaders and mentors.

Recently, I restarted my career to focus on creating a new and better workplace for all, and help other professionals to succeed in their goals and dreams. I finally understood that by assisting others in growing, I am helping myself achieve my dreams.

  • Founder and CEO
  • CMO LATAM and WW SMB Marketing
  • Executive Director and General Manager LATAM
  • CMO LATAM and WW Marketing Leadership Team

  • Integrity
  • Compassion
  • Work Ethic
  • Working to influence social change
  • Cooking
  • Gaming / Overwatch (I am competitive)

Cesar Keller is the author of (NON) HUMAN INTELLIGENCE and a contributor to Collective Brains. Medium and Hacking HR. Order Now. 

Cesar Keller speaks about the future of work, new technologies in the workplace and the new Human Resources. Request.

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