Welcome to the Collective Brains mentor team! The first step in your mentoring journey will be to create your profile. We are excited to learn more about you and for the mentees to meet you. We have put together four questions. We encourage you to tell your own story in your own words and to have it be personable and authentic. Feel free to look at our Thought Leaders bios to inspire ideas for you!   

Here’s how to ensure we captivate our mentees: 

  • Keep it personal by writing in the first person
  • Share a learning experience that involved a challenging situation you overcame.
  • Your answers will be placed in the bio design to create consistent flow
  • Your bio will consist of four paragraphs, one paragraph per question.

Here’s what we are NOT looking for with your bio: 

  • Please refrain from replicating your resume because resumes are dry!
  • Keep your answers simple to understand – avoiding business jargon.
  • Your bio needs to be 250 words or less – keep it short and sweet

 If you have any questions, please contact mentors@collectivebrains.com.  

Paragraph #1: Your Story: Share one story that grabs the reader’s attention

  • A personal or professional story and your growth from the experience. 

Paragraph #2: The Value you provide

  • Problems you solve and skills you have found to be useful. 

Paragraph #3: Your Style – describe your leadership style and approach

  •  Your approach to giving feedback, active listening, and recommendations, etc.  

Paragraph #4: Your Achievements

  •  A high-level overview of relevant work history.
  • At your discretion: education/publications/certifications/accomplishments.

The final step! We need your professional headshot emailed to mentors@collectivebrains.com! Here’s what we are looking for:

  • Please avoid a candid and casual headshot and background.
  • We will need your photo to be of high quality and a minimum 700px

What Works

What does NOT work

A bio banner that represents YOU!

  • Select a banner that you feel best
    captures your personality and essence.
  • The banner will be located above
    your bio photo (here’s an 
  • Ensure the image is royalty
    www.freeimages.com or www.pixabay.com 
  • We will need for your banner to
    be 1400 x 425 pixels (think LinkedIn header)!

What does NOT work

  • Representing or advertising for a company
  • Self-promoting a service or business
  • Copyright infringement (using images without permission)

We are excited to have you join us! We look forward to working with you.