About Collective Brains

Life, business and work are being transformed everyday. Changes are faster, short lived and fluid. We feel the need for constant learning and knowledge recycling, just to be productive. Acquiring new skills and competences need to be as dynamic, easy to do and effective as the transformation itself.

Collective Brains offers you a vast network of thought leaders who truly understand the transformation and are experts on their own fields. We want to create a space where you can easily engage with them as mentors, advisers to your business or simply access their latest articles and books or even request a keynote presentation.

If you are a business leader, a future leader or simply willing to acquire new skills, Collective Brains is your destination. Collective brains is simple, intuitive and affordable to all budgets.

Our Leadership Team

Cesar Keller

Cesar Keller

Founder and CEO

Clay Greenleaf

Mentor Acquisition

Jennifer Beaumont

Mentor Program

Morgan Myles