The Workplace Of The Future

If you want to have a good job, you have to start by choosing your manager carefully. This statement became a jargon in virtually all companies around the world. That is corporate wisdom and is not far from the truth. Gladly, technological and social trends are decisively changing the landscape and making the like of toxic leaders very difficult.

We all know how managers can turn your life into hell. Emails on weekends, require long hours, micro-managing you, stimulating conflict among direct reports, calling unnecessary and excessive meetings, and in a nutshell, doing nothing to create a safe environment for the team. Unfortunately, that seems to be the mainstream and the side effect we all know. Americans are sustaining a high disengagement ratio from their work, over 70%! Meaning 7 in 10 employees are not engaged in their jobs.

While Boomers and Xers feel trapped and stuck in those environments, the new generations are making their part to break the cycle. The digital-native generations became professionals in a broader market place with a lot of more possibilities. New Digital Businesses are created every day, at a very low cost, making entrepreneurship a reality for many of them. Twitch, social media and high-level programming promoted new professions and services and created new markets from music to sneakers.

All that movement puzzled corporations. All of a sudden, potential trainees were given them their backs to pursue a better quality of life and a more fulfilling career. They started saying NO to toxic environments, inhumane bosses and unreasonable requests. Corporations and especially HR leaders were taken by surprise and are fighting to find answers on how to renew and keep their talent inventory. Technology is coming to help.

AI, machine learning and the use of natural language are now enabling new and sophisticated ways to manage people and improve work environments without the need to lean over old and ineffective Climate Surveys and similar ones. This new wave of technologies will help corporations to spot toxic leaders and help to develop them in ways it was not possible before. HR managers will have insights into team formation, team performance, and effective hiring, with deep precision leveraged by hundreds of millions of data points. “It is time to find and promote the best leaders, recognize the true team workers and the ones who actually drive performance for the company”, says Cesar Keller, CEO of WORKPLACE21, a company reinventing team performance to the twenty-first. WP21 technology understands every employee and every leader skills and helps them to prioritize the areas of attention to drive performance.

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